How do I choose which attorney to hire to defend me against the DWI charge? 


Word of mouth is usually a good indicator, although not perfect. Reputation in the community is generally earned. Unpaid tributes to an attorney's prowess are invaluable. Be sure to look for someone who actively defends DWI cases in particular.

When consulting with an attorney, ask about whether he can discuss knowledge of the NHTSA's Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and how the Intoxilyzer 5000 works (or doesn't, see FAQ4 and FAQ8). You might want to ask whether the attorney owns various police DWI training manuals for reference and use in cross-examination, as well.

Ask around the courthouse for attorneys who are known for defending DWI. Some courthouse personnel, like clerks, may be reluctant to recommend a particular attorney, but they may give you a couple of names. They are normally well aware which attorneys fear trial and which lawyers enjoy it. Of course, in South Texas, you may contact Joseph Graham for a free, brief consultation. Mr. Graham knows numerous DWI defense lawyers throughout Texas and the United States, so feel free to inquire for a referral outside of South Texas.

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