How much will an attorney cost me?  Should I take my case to trial? 


How much you pay for an attorney depends on too many factors to list here. If you are looking for the lowest price in town, don't bother calling Joseph Graham. He believes proper defense of DWI involves a great deal of his valuable time and efforts. If you want the "lowest-priced" attorney you can find to hold your hand as you plead guilty, the phrase "you get what you pay for" comes to mind.

Every person who pleads guilty to DWI is convicted of DWI. An overwhelming percentage of those convicted are placed on probation. If you take the case to trial, you may lose, but you have a chance to win; pleading guilty means a 100% chance you will lose. Probation is not guaranteed after losing a jury trial, but most misdemeanor DWI cases result in probation, even after jury trial. Your individual case needs to be assessed on its particular facts, and that requires in-depth review of information.

Taking a case to trial has its pros and cons. Trials do not happen as quickly as pleas of guilty, of course. As time passes, emotions and memories blur; witnesses may move or die. Trial is usually very stressful for the accused. These are a few of the numerous factors to consider.

Financial costs of a DWI conviction are extraordinary. Whatever the result of your DWI case, you will live with it for many years. Investing in an attorney is an important decision which affects your freedom and financial future. You have the ultimate decision as to whether you take your case to trial, and you should carefully weigh all the facts with your lawyer before making that decision. Without knowing details of your case, it is impossible to intelligently answer whether you should take your case to trial.

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